Dorico Touchscreen Controller

With this controller you have more time to write beautiful music.


A time saving tool for anyone working with Dorico.


Full Setup Mode


Extensive Write Mode


Quick access to everything you need


Easy Engrave options


Get full control over your beloved notation program.

Just download, copy and start. It’s simple and will speed up your workflow immediately.


Everything you need.

No more remembering shortcuts.

Fixed tool bar

Quickly accessible functions always available.

Large and extensive write mode

Large selection of Dorico tools at your fingertip. Quick note input and editing tools on the panel.

Fast input

Input of articulations, keysignatures or tempo was never so simple.

Practical writing tools

Copy or extend a staff. Paste it somewhere else. Or transpose a whole section.

Engrave your score

Insert a new page or open the engrave options.

Navigate through all windows

Dorico windows are in sync with the controller.


Dorico 3.5 or higher


Open Stage Control


Bome MIDI Translator


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How to install?

First of all, download the Dorico Touchscreen Controller and the Bome Midi Translator. Then install the Midi Translator and open it. Open the included preset in midi translator pro. Then you can open the included sessionfile in OSC.

Do i need Bome Midi Translator?

Yes, unfortunately. But I am already working on a version without .

What is Open Stage Control?

Open Stage Control is a desktop server application. It runs on all platforms supported by Electron or Node. Any device running a compatible browser can connect to the server :

  • Chrome/Chromium version 50 or later (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, etc)
  • iOS version 9.3 or later

For more infos: click here

Can I customize the template?

Yes, sure. You can customize what ever you want. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with it.

I have another question not answered here. Can you answer it for me?

Sure. Just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer it for you.


Stephan Schelens, the developer of this interface, is not a company. Stephan Schelens is a german composer whose artistic work is his only source of income. The values related to the acquisition of the Dorico Touchscreen Controller, in addition to the functionalities, make it impossible to download for free.